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Shane ‘TADGH’ Nolan was born February 1994 in Dublin, Ireland. At the young age of 14 he quickly realized his love for playing and performing music while learning guitar, this then graduated to writing material of his own.  “Throughout school I was playing in various bands and was always known as the musician kid. Then when I was leaving school, music felt like the obvious choice and I decided to pursue a degree in Commercial Modern Music in the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, focusing on Songwriting. I was constantly writing and recording and only towards the end of 2015 did I decide to start gigging said songs. So I guess, that’s when it all reallllly started”. Gaining experience while playing in different bands and groups, TADGH acquired a lot of knowledge of the Irish music scene.  TADGH has been working on fresh material while developing his own unique sound and style.

Writing and arranging all of his own songs and having favourable production skills his music takes a fresh and original approach to pop with elements of R&B, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hip and even Rock. He has released two tracks, one being his debut single ‘Bad Move’.

Performing throughout Ireland through his first ever tour this past November to playing live on RTE’s Saturday Night with Miriam and supporting Cc Brez at the Academy 2 Dublin, TADGH and his band have come a long way this past two years since the project begun, tuning their live show with big sample tracks, BV harmonies, brass sections and energy that’ll get any crowd moving. TADGH also sold out his ‘Bad Move’ single launch show.

We’re super excited to be premiering TADGH’s new track Okay Love of which the title consists of only emojis. “Okay Love actually started in an unusual place for me. It started with the title which never really happens for me. I thought it would be a really cool idea to have a song that was just emojis. Emojis are such a HUGE part of our culture nowadays. When it comes to computer languages, emojis register in the exact same manner as letters, numbers and symbols do. This means that within our technological world, the emoji is as equal (quite technically) as the letters in our alphabet. So yeah.. from there I let my imagination run. Ideas formulated and I made sure to just lay down whatever came to mind. I really didn’t restrict myself with this track, which is why it sounds so different to me. It’s not like anything I’ve ever written or produced before.”

2017 is set to be an exciting year for TADGH, with ambitions of releasing a mixtape, an EP or maybe even an album. “At the minute I’m in the process of recording my second single and writing/producing a bit of a mixtape. I like the idea of releasing a TONNE of music. Like rappers and hip-hop artists do. I don’t wanna be too precious with my music this year, I just want people to hear what I’m making. I’m taking time to write with a lot of other writers and artists on various projects so writing and recording is where I’m at right now. I feel that 2017 will be filled with a lot of collaboration.”. Although TADGH doesn’t have any dates or shows announced at the moment, “I’m suuuuuuure I’ll be touring soon enough, just gotta wait and see”.

You can keep up to date with TADGH on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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