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Strike, which stands for ‘Strive To Revel In Kind Emotions’ is a UK hip-hop artist, producer and songwriter. “I started off as a grime MC and made beats on my (very slow) laptop as there weren’t many producers around at the time. I was a Club MC for Twice As Nice when UK Funk was booming. Eventually, I started studying music production and did a degree in music and now I’m going 100% at being an artist.”

“All my writing and production is done in my bedroom. First I always play music that gears me up into the specific mode I need to get into before I start to get the right energy, so if it’s a hype track I play hype music and if it’s slow then I listen to R&B. Then I try and switch off from thinking and listen to what feels like it would fit on it perfectly on the track i.e. flow, melody and extra bits to add to the production.”

Strike’s EP ‘Building on Sounds’ is released on May 12th, which has been mixed by MOBO award winning, Grammy nominated engineer Clinton McCreery. “The lead track ‘Carousel’ was co-produced by Alex Murphy, a university friend and would be described as a poetic love song. The video, shot in Southampton. ‘I Don’t Really Care’ shows what it means to attack a grime track and still manages to give you a catchy and playful vibe. This track is accompanied with a lyric video in which the graphics looked amazingly sketched over. Last but not least ‘Sip of You’ was co-produced with newbie producer Mark Montague a.k.a. Mark 1 from South London. The video has that old school 90’s R&B vibe mixed with new school graphics as we watch the beautiful video girl getting ready for her date. The videos have all been created by the amazingly talented George Kountouras a freelance film maker who did a great job of bringing my music to life visually.”

After the EP has been released, Strike is planning to release collaborations, singles, and videos monthly for his audience. “Without an audience I am nothing, my music wouldn’t hold any value. Also, listeners support is now the crucial part of the artist being discovered as playlist and statistics become more and more important for all artist signed and unsigned.”

With the aspiration of another EP to be released by the end of the year and another one early next year, Strike is in for a very creative year ahead.

You can keep up to date with Strike’s releases by following him on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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