Secret Sessions Discover: Maddy Rose

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Maddy Rose is a singer-songwriter, originally from Austria who moved to London to pursue a career in music. “London offers you so many opportunities, sometimes tears you down with its competition but at the same time makes you want to aim even higher. I perform very frequently from Open Mics to gigs and festivals. I sing on the piano alongside a Cajon player and a cellist to give it this unique vintage sound. My voice could be described best as a mixture from Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga. My biggest musical and songwriting influences are Carole King, Billy Joel, and Etta James. I love this realness to their music, no synthesizers or drum machines, pure emotions and on-spot vocals. I kind of fell in love with this realness and truthfulness of music and that is why you can hear this vintage Soul sound in my songs.”

Maddy has recently gained attention and support from BBC Introducing and various Dutch and Austrian radio stations, especially recently after the release of her single ‘Begin Again’.

“I think I wrote Begin Again within 20 minutes, it was this kind of moment when your heart is overflowing with emotions and you can’t find another way to express it but through music. At that point, I was feeling quite demotivated and low and the only person who could pick me up at that point was myself. So I wrote this song to make me realize that there are so many more new chances and opportunities waiting for me. A few weeks after I called up my friend’s producer Aaron Thompson and within two weeks we recorded “Begin Again” in this home studio in London with my cellist and drummer. The video was filmed in these two weeks as well by film student Anna Brant, which also features my boyfriend.”

Since moving to London, Maddy has been able to meet many fellow musicians on the London music scene. “I am surrounded by so many amazing musicians that it is hard to name just a few. My good friend VEI released ‘Rolling On You Romeo’, an upbeat cello based pop tune, which is so worth checking out! Another great artist, originally from Italy, is Valerio Lysander, playing piano and singing these down to earth heart-breaking songs. His new single ‘Cotton’ will leave you speechless.”

Maddy plans to spend the rest of the year releasing more singles and live sessions videos as well as gigging as much as possible. Her next show is 31st May at Nambucca, then 7th June at Indigo Sessions.

You can keep up to date with Maddy’s gigs and releases by following her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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