Music Sync Opportunity: Brand Film

by admin

We are looking for an emerging artist to provide a cinematic piece of music to accompany a new 60-90 second film, from an exciting company. In true Secret Sessions style we can’t yet tell you who the brand is, but we can give you some vital information to help you see if your music will fit the bill.

Clue: The brand in question is one for industries to which ‘colour’ is of vital importance, the film will take viewers from a world of desaturation into color and light

The Song

  • To match the film, the song must have a change in it, an uplifting exciting moment that takes the listener on a journey.
  • The song (or moment within our 60-90s window) should start out full of intrigue, atmospheric and anticipation, but then it breaks and turns into something uplifting, inspiring and really exciting.

If you think you have a song which fits the bill we’d love to hear from you. You will of course be paid for your music, which will then be featured on a film to be released worldwide.


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